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Interview van mij met: Gaute Refsnes!

Dank je wel voor de Interesse!

1. The band is called Cor scorpii, why is that? (and who has named it that

The name Cor Scorpii means “Heart of the Scorpion”. It is the name of a
star in the Scorpius constellation, also known as Antares. We chose the
name because Emperor and Darkthrone were already taken. No, seriously, we
wanted to find a name that fit the music we play and the lyrical content.
We thought it had a mysterious and atmospheric feel to it.

2. Can you tell me about the band and what kind of music you make?

The band actually started off as a project of mine about 5 years ago, when
Windir and Ulcus joined forces. I had already made some material for
Ulcus, and continued making music throughout my years in Windir. When
Windir came to an end, I hooked up with Thomas Øvstedal and Cor Scorpii
was created. Rune Sjøthun and Inge Jonny Lomheim joined the band on rythm
guitar and bass, and the line up was completed by Windir-members Stian
”Strom” Bakketeig and Jørn ”Steingrim” Holen. The music is atmospheric and
aggressive. It incorporates different styles of metal, with traces of both
classical and folk music. We use lots of melodies, to help us build the
desired atmospheres. In the end this mix makes the music varied and

3. Your demo Attergangar is out now, can you tell me about the demo? (what
can everybody expect of this demo?)

A nice blend of aggression, melodies, riffs, hatred, fjords&mountains,
creativity, classical music, substantial amounts of alcohol and Norwegian
black metal. The demo consists of 4 tracks: Fall of man, Transcendental
Journey, Attergangar and Når enden er god. The drums were recorded at
Hváll’s Studio 1184 and engineered by “Ese” (Vreid).The rest of the music
were recorded in Amla metal studio. It will be mixed in Studio 1184 in
November, and available shortly after. In a time when good melodies seem
to be neglected, I hope the demo will stand out.

4.Who had wrote all the lyrics?

The lyrics for three of the songs on the demo were co-written by Thomas
Øvstedal and me. These songs are Transcendental journey, Attergangar and
Når enden er god. The last song, Fall of man, was written by me. As I had
composed most of the music on the demo, it felt natural for me to be
heavily involved in the lyrics too. During the composing process I get a
vision of how the vocals should turn out, and it is important that the
words reflect the mood of the song. Having said that, writing lyrics comes
more natural to Thomas than it does to me, so we started writing together.
In the end we were both quite happy with the result.

5. What do the lyrics tell about?

I’m not going to explain the lyrics in detail, however, vengeance, hate,
death and world demise are some of the themes we are writing about. The
main thing is that the lyrics fit the atmosphere of the song. This is the
reason why some lyrics are in Norwegian, while others are in English. The
songs in Norwegian have more of a northern feel or theme. Attergangar, for
instance, tells the saga of a child who is carried into the woods, and
left there to die. The spirit of the child returns to claim the life of
its mother, in revenge of her betrayal. This story is based on old
northern superstitions. It is a very dark theme which reflects society at
that time. Children, who were deformed, born outside marriage and so on,
were often killed or left to die because of poverty or the shame they
brought. Fall of man, on the other hand, describes a scenario of earth
being hit by a universal object and the effect of the impact. It has
happened before and it will happen again, hehe. It felt natural to write
this text in English, and I think we will continue writing in two
languages in the future.

6. Some members of Windir had joined Cor Scorpii also, and some members of
Windir joined the band Vreid, but why do they split their way? Why not all
in one band?

I think we all needed something new when Windir came to an end. We had
played together for almost ten years with a steady line-up, and this was a
natural time to make a change. As it turned out, the former Windir-members
split into to new bands. Hváll created Vreid, and the new material had
more groove and rawness, and less of the typical “Windir-sound”. For me
personally, it was very important to work on my own material, and I ended
up with Cor Scorpii. We are all good friends and it is not impossible that
we will work together as a band again, at one time in the future.

7. The members who weren’t in Windir, in what band have they played before?

Rune Sjøthun and Inge Jonny Lomheim have made music and played together
for a long time, without having a serious band until now. Some of this
music is really good, and it will be included in Cor Scorpii in the
future. Thomas Øvstedal has also played in various local bands and he is a
very charismatic front figure. We have all played together in various
projects earlier, so we knew that the new members would contribute to the

8. Are there any plans to do a tour? (where will you go?)

We have no tour plans at the moment, as our main emphasis is to work on a
full length album. If the opportunity knocks, however, we’re definately
interested in playing some live shows. I think the material would sound
good in a live setting.

9. Do you allready know when the next cd is coming out, and will it be the
same as the demo?

Hopefully, we’ll be able to release a full length album in 2006. There is
plenty of material lying around, but we want to come to agreement with a
record label first. The basis of the music will be similar, but we’re not
afraid to experiment and add new features if it feels right. The record
will have more of a band feeling, with all members contributing more to
the song writing.

Thanks for the interview and keep up the good work!

Gaute Refsnes

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